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How to choose and avoid left with empty hand in a store

As good things lead to another good things. A boy who called “Little joe” by his family, friends and teachers gets a lot of good things as his understanding about law of karma develop. He gets his favorite food “satay” back in his menu every two weeks, he also makes a lot of friends, gets a lot praises from both of his parents, and teachers.


It is not stop on that, his mom also promises to him that he can buy any toy he likes at the end of this year, so he can play with a new toy for the new year. “Wow, what a good life” Little joe thinks.

He understands now, everything that happen to him is depend on his own thoughts, actions and deeds. If he did bad things, or respond to “bad luck” badly, he wouldn’t get anything good in the end.

So, he satisfies with this condition, and begin to think about, what kind of toy he will like to buy for this year.

“hmm, I always like building blocks, I think a new lego set will be good to have” He ponders.

Then As always, time flies very fast.

New year is only a week later, his mom takes him to a toy store in a big mall nearby. She plans to buy him a toy that he likes, also to buy some of food ingredients for family gathering the day after. In front of the store,  she tell little joe, “Little joy, go choose your favorite toy, and lets buy it, don’t take too long to choose, because I still need to buy some food ingredients in the supermarket, then I need to  make some cooking preparations at home , so I give you thirty minutes to buy, okay”

“Okay mom” little joe answers.

Then little joe, goes inside the toys and feel fascinated with all the toys inside the store. He goes to the lego sections, and he finds at least ten different lego sets available. So, he begins to take all the set one by one, and begin imagining how he will play with each set.  He finds a lego set with Batman action figure inside, he imagine becoming Batman, save the city from villain joker. Then he put away that set, and get the pirate jack lego set, he imagines become a pirate, with one leg, a hook hand and an eye patch on his left eye, and start looking for treasure chests.

Looking at him, having so much fun, his mom smile, and feel happy inside. Then she come to him, and say “Look, how happy you are, I am glad to see you this happy, but hurried up, we still need to go to supermarket nearby”

“Okay mom” Little joe answer.

He wants to choose one lego set, but as he tries to choose, he finds choosing is a very difficult action to do. He thinks, If he choose the  Batman set, he cannot be a pirate, and if he choose the pirate set, he cannot play Batman action figure, he begins to confuse, there are also some alternatives to those sets , but if he choose others than those two sets, he thinks he is going to miss those two sets.

“What should I do, which one to choose” thinks little joe.

As he ponders what to choose, his mom is getting impatient, and tell him “Hurry little joe, choose, decide one that you like”.

“But mom,  I found choosing the best toy is very difficult to do, I confuse there are some lego sets that I like, and if I choose one, I may not be able to play the other one, I want all of them , but you only allowed me to choose one, how about you buy me all of those lego sets?” Little joe answer with glint in his eyes.

“No way, we don’t have budget for all the set, little joe, by the way, choosing things indeed quite difficult, but this is the things you need to learn.

I give you some tips

Just like anything, nothing is perfect, little joe, rather than thinking about the bad side of the things that you choose why don’t you imagine the good things that you will have of having it, and be satisfied with it.

Second, classify the things that you want based on what you like most, second like most, until down the list, and choose the top one

Third, imagine if you cannot buy the lego sets which one are you going to regret most.

Besides, if you cannot choose anything, then you will left with nothing, because time will wait for no one, if you cannot choose in five minutes, then you have to leave with me to supermarket and having no toy at all for the new year holiday” says his mom.

“Mom, don’t do that, okay I’ll try to choose” little joe answer.

“Then, hurried up” his mom impatiently shout.

Then little joe classifies the lego sets based on his likeness, and then try to imagine not be able to buy, which one he regrets most. Then the batman lego set, come to his mind.

He goes to his mom and say,” Mom I decide to buy this Batman, as I am always be the Batman’s fans”

“Great little joe, now you have learned a valuable lesson in choosing, now, bring the lego set to the cashier, and let’s go to the super market” his mom reply.