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How little joe, get his “satay”miraculously

There is a nine years old boy name Joe, because his little stature, his family, friend and teachers always call him “Little Joe”.

Little joe, like to eat chicken satay, he thinks chicken satay is the best food in the world, nothing can be compared with chicken satay. Everyday, he asks his mom to buy him chicken satay. If there is no satay in his menu, he will try to influence his mum, with a little sulking and nagging. Its always works, because his mom love him so much, and don’t want him to starve.

Then one day, his mom read and article that explain, eating chicken satay, or whatever food that is grilled will raise chance to get cancer in the future, due to a lot of free radicals that it contains. After read such article, his mom gets worried that little joe’s health in the future. So, she decides that she will not buy any satay again for him

She says to little joe

“Little joe, I don’t want to buy anymore chicken satay again for you, because there is raised your risk of getting cancer in the future”

“What, but mom, its my favorite food, how can I eat without satay?” he replies.

“Your health is the most important, beside there are many other foods that taste good” his mom try to convince him.

Then little joe, try his usual strategy, nagging and threatened not to eat anything. It usually works in the past.


Not today.

The article bring so much anxiety to little joe’s mom, then she says to little joe, “If you don’t want to starve, then start forget satay”.

Hear that, little joe, get very sad.

The next day, at school, he can not concentrate at all to any lesson, and sighing all the time, thinking his favorite food that he cannot eat again. During class break, his class teacher come to him, and ask him “Hi, little joe, what happen to you, today you look so sluggish, lethargic, and sad, are you sick?

“I am not sick teacher, it just, my mom said that I can not eat satay again, as she thought that eating satay will increase my risk to get cancer in the future, she just doesn’t want me to eat satay again, forever”

“Well, you mom got a point, satay does indeed can increase our risk to get cancer as it contains a lot of free radicals, however, not to eat satay again, forever, I think it is a little bit to much”

“Then, do you have any idea?” Little joe asks.

“Well, I do have a way to make you eat satay again, do you want to hear it?” the teacher reply.

“Off course, I will do anything to get eat satay again, satay is my favorite food, I’ll do anything so I can eat satay again” little joe enthusiastically answers.

“Good, what I am going to tell you, called the law of karma. The law of karma states that whatever you want to get or have, you need to give first.

In your case, you want to eat satay again, then you may start become as helpful you are to other people. Start with your friends. Every time your friends need help try to help them as best as you can.

If you find a friend who doesn’t understand lesson material which you already understood, offer your help. If you find a friend who forget to bring snack for class break, offer some of your snacks.” The teacher explains.

“However, if you do all of this, don’t expect, that you will get what you want immediately, but your good deeds will accumulate and someday when the things is right, you will get what you want, even though you don’t ask for it” The teacher adds.

“Wow, it sounds so magical, okay, let me try it” Little joe answers.

The next day, little joe, try to become as helpful as he can be to his friends. Whenever he finds a friend that need help, he will offer his help.

Then, two weeks later.

He just come back from school, he puts his bag on his study desk, and feel his stomach get a little hungry, so he tries to find some food in the dining room.

He gets surprised, as he inside the dining room, he sees a plate full of satay on the table, he is so excited and goes to the kitchen try to find his mom.

In the kitchen, his mom is washing dishes, and he asks his mom,” Mom, you said that you don’t want to buy me satay anymore, why did you buy today”

Then his mom reply” Today, there is a meeting between your teachers and parents at your school, after the meeting there are several parents told me about you, how helpful you are to their kids,  I felt so happy and prideful  about you, then I bought satay for you to enjoy today, to reward you for your good deeds.”

“Does it means, I can eat satay again everyday” Little joe grin.

“Off course not, but we can arrange for you to have your favorite food every two weeks” his mom reply.

“Thanks mom, its wonderful” little joe answers. In his heart little joe, thinks

“Law of karma works,YEAH”.